• The project consists of a meticulously sculpted bust-style statuette by sculptor, Francesca Penserini. Relying on photographic documentation, live performance videos and recorded interviews, she respectfully captures the artist’s appearance, energy and style. The exclusive artwork is then cast by hand, numbered and presented in a metal box. The packaging includes a leaflet consisting of the musician’s biography and important dates and events of his life and career. The metal box may be used as a pedestal for the sculpture-candle, and the lid, placed upside-down, may be used as a receptacle for the wax. The wick is strategically positioned inside the candle in order to keep the entire face intact while the candle is lit. Due to the use of 100% eco-friendly soy wax, the surface will develop a natural « patina » like traditional sculptures do. Some variations in colours or slight imperfections are expected with this handmade creation and give our effigy its beautiful « vintage » quality.
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Made of 100% soy wax, a non-petroleum substance, the candles are in complete accordance with today’s environmental standards.  As well, close attention was given to the packaging material and the container’s shape. We have chosen a silver tin container with a transparent window, which offers a unique presentation for the Collectors’ purpose.